Hello, we have released a new version of Likno Web jQuery Modal Windows Builder: Build #252

Check out What's New

- Added the API functions to the application's "Help" file (documentation).

- Improved the support for the "navigationBarSheetSpacer" CSS class of the Navigation Bar.

- Increased the minimum modal window margin to 15px when the modal window is larger than the screen size.

- The modal window no longer hides the parent window scrollbar by default. Instead there is a new Project Property to choose your desired behavior: the "Hide scrollbar" property in the "Project Properties -> Under the Hood" section.

- Fixed an issue that occurred when a "#" existed in one of the folder names in the Root Folder path.

- Fixed an issue related to hiding the scrollbar in frame-only pages.

- Fixed a "jump" when hiding the scrollbar and the modal window had a closing effect.

- Minor interface improvements (e.g.: when pressing "Enter" on the Preview's Navigation Bar "Offset" fields then the detached Preview is automatically refreshed).

All features here: http://www.likno.com/jquery-modal-windows/index.php

You can download the latest version at: