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I have been looking at the Scroller. I see on the features page that this is listed: Add dynamic content (database-driven or programmable) to your scrollers.  Could you please tell me where to find this subject in the Scroller Help section, or explain to me how it relates to what I would do, or show me an example? Thank you.

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This is actually related to the DIV and UL/LI population methods, because you can programmatically show different DIVs or UL/LI elements when loading the page, based on parameters (from database or not) etc.

populate slider items items inside page through ul li or div structure

You will find more info on the specifications of these options in the Help section here:

scroller populated how help

Note that you can dynamically change the content of the scroller on a "server-side" basis, not "client-side". This means that you can show different aspects of the scroller (in terms of content) upon loading the page from the server, not afterwards.

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