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Initial Email Subject: Converting from Javascript to CSS menu
Support Case Month: April 2012

After using the javascript version for a few years, I want to replace it with the CSS version. However, when I try, the menu doesn't appear. I've constructed a simple test page to work with, but I can't get the menu to appear on it, either. The URL is . Can you take a look at it and tell me what I've done wrong? The horizontal menu bar should appear below the large pale-yellow banner rectangle.


- Steve

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Likno Customer Support

Hello Steve,

I looked at your web page and saw that you forgot to populate your menu using UL / LI elements in the page. The CSS menu requires that its items are sourced from the page itself.

Please click this link in AllWebMenus to see what you forgot to add in your page:

css menu settings


Likno Customer Support
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