February 28th, 2008Customer Case 1: Drifty Menu

Note for users of build #738 (and above): From version 5.1 build #738 onwards the known "Drifty Menu" feature is called "Floating Menu". Please view the updated blog post.

Goal: I want a DHTML menu that will be placed in the top-center of my web page and will stay there even if i scroll down the page.

Solution: The following video provides the solution for this exact case. The purpose of the specific change in the positioning is for the menu to appear in the top-center of the page. The menu becomes "drifty" (scrolls down with the page) with the change of the <Menu Drifts on Scroll> property. There are different kinds of scrolling methods for you to choose.

Watch the video tutorial

Note: The version used in the demonstration is 5.0 build #728.

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We offer a series of DHTML Menu / JavaScript Menu examples. These menu examples have been created with AllWebMenus and show the type/style of menus you can make by using the different features available.

Type of menu examples:

  • HTML Menu
  • Multiple Rows Example
  • Multiple Columns Example
  • Calendar Menu
  • AllWebMenus 5 Style Example
  • Menu Variables Example
  • Server-Side Menus API
  • Slide Menu
  • Windows Media Player
  • XP Tabs
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Floating Images Example I
  • Floating Images Example II
  • Floating Images Example III
  • IE Toolbar
  • Manilla Tabs
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Vertical Menu
  • Multiple Menus
  • Menu with separators
  • "Has Submenu" feature
  • Javascript Commands
  • Popup Menu
  • Image Support
  • Menu Styling
  • Submenu Effects
  • Sticky Submenus
  • Drifty Menu
  • Menu Item Images
  • Header/Footer
  • Cross-Frame Support

Check them all live at http://www.likno.com/examples.html

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