Hello everybody!

We wanted to inform you that we have released the latest version of AllWebMenus Pro - version 5.2 Build #794.

It includes some fixes and improvements that enhance the program's functionality:

- Fixed an issue related to specific offsets for Opera.

- Fixed an issue where items with submenu image would affect the total width of a horizontal menu.

- Fixed an issue where "mailto:" links did not work correctly in IE.

- Added an option for "Automatically open last edited project when opening AllWebMenus" in the "File" menu.

You can download the latest version at:


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AllWebMenus Pro has the "Link Target" property. This property specifies the frame, iframe or window where the page specified by the "Link" property (of the menu item) opens. The image below shows the various options of the "Link Target" property.

If you choose option "_blank" the page specified by the "Link" property of the menu item will open in an new browser window. You can define the properties of the opening window selecting the option "use parameters". Then you have to click on the "use parameters" option and a window like the image below will appear and will allow you to customize the browser window.

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A lot of customers that are using the Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro, define their DHTML menus in such a way where the menu system can remember their expanded/collapsed state, when browsing through different pages. For example, when they expand a menu's item, the expanded menu keeps this state after navigating to a different page.

The Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro can easily implement this functionality. You just have to go to the "Style Editor" of your DHTML menu maker and choose the "Sub Groups Style" (or in the "Sub Groups Style+" if you want this functionality to be applied in the menu items that belong to a level greater than two) from the "Available Styles". Afterwards, you have to click on the "Type" property and check the "Remember the menu state..." option as shown in the image below:

If you want this setting not to be applied globally (i.e. you want your menu system to remember the expanded/collapsed state for some of your menu items and not for all), you must use the "Menu Editor" and not the "Style Editor". Then you have to choose each item you want to have this behavior, click on the "All Values" button and define its "Type" property as shown above.

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When you position a DHTML  menu built by AllWebMenus Pro relative to an element (usually in a <td> element), you might observe a small difference in the menu's placement. It might be some pixels further away than it is in IE6,7 or Firefox (e.g. usually it is in a lower position in IE8, Chrome or Safari, than it is in IE7, Firefox etc). This is caused due to the different way IE8, Chrome and Safari render the content of a table’s cell (<td> element).

IE8, Chrome and Safari vertically align the content of a table's cell in its center, whereas all the other browsers align it on the top and that's the reason you observe a difference in the placement of the DHTML menu in your page. To overcome this issue, you just have to add the attribute valign="top" in the element you have positioned the menu and you will get the required functionality.

For example if you want to  place your menu in a <td> element instead of the following:

<td id="awmAnchor-menu">&nbsp;</td>

you have to use the following:

<td id="awmAnchor-menu"valign="top">&nbsp;</td>

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This occurs because the "Text Margin" property applies only to the beginning and end of the content. To be more specific, the left margin will be applied to the left of the first text line and the right margin to the right of the last text line.

Therefore when you are using an item that has text with multiple lines and you need to define space around the entire text, you need to use the "Content Padding" property of the "Main Items Style" in the "Style Editor" of your AllWebMenus Pro application and not the "Text Margin" property. See the image below:

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