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Support Case Month: April 2012
Initial Email Subject: all web menu pro

Initial Email From: Tom

Hi, thank you for the quick reply.

Sorry for my badly written email. I'm building a Drupal 7 Website and I want a menu with a mouse over option.  I noticed on your web demo that you can have different displays colors etc per menu and I'm looking to do this for the website.
This is a link to want I have in mind
Will the web menu have all the features available with the Drupal 7 add on as it would if I was using Dreamweaver?

Thanks again,

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Tom,

If the menu items are populated using the "Static" option, then you can have different colors per menu items, etc. You can actually do anything you like because you will add the items MANUALLY inside the AllWebMenus application.

But if you want the items to be retrieved dynamically by a database, then you need to use the "Dynamic" option which means that the items cannot have different styles (apart from the 3 groups of Main Menu, Submenu and Submenu+).

The URL that you sent me shows a "MEGA MENU". The items within each submenu are not "normal" menu items but each submenu is just ONE item that uses HTML inside it.

See this menu in our Example:

mega drop-down menu

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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