Like no other training form, e-learning promises to provide a single experience that accommodates the three distinct learning styles of auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners.

Other unique opportunities created by the advent and development of e-learning are more efficient training of a globally dispersed audience; and reduced publishing and distribution costs as Web-based training becomes a standard.

Furthermore, E-learning also offers individualized instruction, which print media cannot provide, and instructor-led courses allow clumsily and at great cost. In conjunction with assessing needs, e-learning can target specific needs and by using learning style tests, e-learning can locate and target individual learning preferences.

Additionally, asynchronous e-learning is self-paced. Advanced learners are allowed to speed through or bypass instruction that is redundant while novices slow their own progress through content, eliminating frustration with themselves, their fellow learners, and the course.

In these ways, e-learning is inclusive of a maximum number of participants with a maximum range of learning styles, preferences, and needs.

All the benefits of e-learning are backed up by our fully-featured, professional and user-friendly system, Likno E-learning LMS.

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Likno Elearning LMS is a state-of-the art eLearning and Human Capital Development platform. It is the result of a dedicated team of developers, several thousand hours of work and a huge deal of caffeine.

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