Hello! We have released a new version of Likno Web Scroller (jQuery Slider) Builder: Version 1.0 build #116.

Check out What's New

- Added the "Item Modal" tab in "Project Items (F2)" with the ability to show a Modal Window when the user clicks on a scroller item, either using an "internal modal window engine" or the "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" engine (separate product).

scroller modal window

- Added the "%page_links%" variable to the available variables (%current_page%, %total_pages%) of the "Show Page Numbers (Custom)" option of the Navigation Bar.

scroller page links variable

- Updated the "Use both Text/HTML and Image values (shows both)" option to properly function for the "Item Tooltip" and "Item Modal" features.

- Updated the "Sample Code (F4)" area to show the related code of certain configurations.

- Added the "Show Scroller Only" and the "Background Color" to the "detached" Preview Pane (soon to be added to the "attached" Preview Pane too).

scroller preview background

- Added automatic correction for older projects that did not have the "Bullets" and "Spacer" Navigation Bar CSS Classes.

- Fixed a case where the Navigation Bar would appear floating on page when it was positioned into an area that did not exist.

- Fixed the "Item Tooltip" feature to correctly handle the "AJAX" & "External" (URL) sources.

- Fixed the "with acceleration (on hold)" feature, which allows the user to hold the mouse clicked on a navigation arrow and have the scroller items accelerate their movement.

- Fixed an issue where the "Play on Page Load (automatically)" option did not work in IE.

- Fixed a bug related to missing images.

- Fixed "Example 3" to have proper spacing.

- Fixed the DIV custom population classes to work properly.

- Fixed the Navigation Arrows to always stay on top of the content.

- Several minor interface improvements.

All features here: http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/index.php

Download the new version of our web scroller (jquery slider) builder at http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/download.php

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We are happy to inform you that we have released the latest version of Likno Web Tooltips Builder, version 2.0 build #210.

Check out What's New:

- Added the "Target" property in "Style Editor", which lets you position the appearing tooltip anywhere you like! Lots of options, such as positioning your html tooltip relative to "the Trigger element (default)", "the Mouse", "the Window", "a page Element" or "an Image"... and at any corner or side of that chosen "Target".

tooltip target

- Added the "target=<tooltip_name>" opening method at the "Opens When" section, as another option to make a tooltip appear.

opens with target tag

- New library (engine) that optimizes certain features.
Note: if you use multiple compiled projects on the same website, you need to recompile ALL of them (not just one), otherwise the non-recompiled ones will show misplaces tips on their tooltips.

You can download the latest version at:


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