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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Freeway Mac OSX
Support Case Month: July 2012

Hi Guys

I have been a Likno All Web Menus customer for many years now and have always been impressed both by the product but more importantly by the support offered.

To date I have been using the MS Frontpage program as my editor.

I have recently migrated to using Apple Macs for my computing needs.

I am currently evaluating the Mac program Freeway Pro as a potential replacement for the MS Frontpage.

However as my All Web Menu structure is central to my site it is imperative that any new editor is fully compliant with All Web Menus.

Can you advise / confirm that All Web Menus will integrate with Freeway Pro.

Your input on this issue as always will be invaluable.

Kind Regards


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Paul,

First of all, you should keep in mind that AllWebMenus is only available for Windows. Nonetheless, we do have several MAC customers that use third-party software for emulation, without any problems reported so far.

Here are all your options to run Windows applications on an Intel-powered Mac:

Having said this, we are not familiar with the Freeway Pro application, but I do not see any reason that it would not work with AllWebMenus. The minimum requirement is that it allows you to insert custom code in your page(s) and that you can directly upload the AllWebMenus compiled files to your server.

If you were using the FrontPage plugin, then you may now need to do some things manually. These are:

1) Linking the menu to your page(s). Ideally if you are using templates you will manually add the Linking Code there once and it will propagate to all the pages.

2) Uploading of files. Once you compile your menu you will need to upload manually the compiled files to your server (using any FTP application).

Do let me know if you find any problems or if you need more specific instructions with something.

Likno Customer Support
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