Hey everybody!

We just released a new version of AllWebMenus; It is version 5.2 build 792 and it has many new features and enhancements!

Take a look:

- New "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" Add-In. This add-in introduces the "Open Modal Window" item property in order to be able to open a modal window (created through the separate "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" product) from within a menu item!

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder

- Added margin support on images used by the "Item Image" and "Item Foreground" property. Now you can use the "Image Margin" option to specify margins on images, allowing you to choose any white space you like at their sides.

- Added an option at the "Type" property to specify whether the Main Menu group affects the height of its positioning element or not. You now have two options:

No (default): The positioning element will keep its original height, as the menu (“Main Menu” group) will just float above it.
Yes: The positioning element will match the Main Menu height, as the menu (“Main Menu” group) will be embedded inside it.

- Added more options to the "Appears - Aligned with" property. Now you can use the "Top/Bottom/Centered" alignment to the parent item too (not only to the parent group), allowing for additional interesting alignment effects.

- Fixed an issue where a sliding menu would appear with scrollbars when positioned inside a TD and used the "Push/Pull page content" option (Mozilla browsers only).

- Fixed an issue in FrontPage AddIn, where the "Auto Item Highlight" option turned to "No", when the user updated the navigation structure.

- Fixed an issue in FrontPage AddIn, where the "Sub Items Style+" style didn't apply to items below 3rd level, when the user updated navigation structure.

- Fixed an issue where the awmShowMenu() function didn't work properly (IE for Windows only)

- Fixed an issue where a sliding menu did not push the content of the page correctly (Mozilla browsers only).

You can download this new version, please visit:

For more details on all releases, please visit:

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Likno Web Button Maker provides seamless integration with Microsoft FrontPage, allowing you to insert and/or edit your buttons from within your favorite web editor.

Web Button Maker FrontPage Addin

To insert a Likno Web Button Maker button or family of buttons in a web page from within FrontPage, you have to have defined and opened a website first, as well as the web page where you would like your button to be inserted into. With your web page open, click on the point where you would like your button(s) to be inserted and select "Insert button..." from the WebButtonMaker menu (which will normally be somewhere to the right of the Help menu). You will see this dialog:

Web Button Maker FrontPage Addin

Select "New project" to launch Likno Web Button Maker and work with a new project, or select "Existing project" to work with a project you have already saved.
Once in Likno Web Button Maker, you will notice a new menu item in the File menu, "Export to FrontPage":

Web Button Maker FrontPage Addin

This menu item will only appear if you have launched Likno Web Button Maker from within FrontPage. Once you're done with your project, click on this menu item to export your button(s) to FrontPage.

If your project contains a button family and you choose to export the entire button family, upon closing the export dialog you will be able to select which individual buttons from this family you would like to export to FrontPage:

Web Button Maker FrontPage Addin

Once you click on OK, you will get a confirmation dialog and you will return to FrontPage, where you will see your button(s) inserted into your web page.
The add-in added a copy of your Likno Web Button Maker project file in your web site root folder for easy access, created a folder "lwbm" under your "images" folder, placed your button images there, added the necessary HTML code for the images in the document and added a small HTML comment just after thetag, which is necessary if you would like to edit your button(s) in the future (note: if you remove this html comment you will not be able to edit your buttons using the add-in).

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