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Initial Email Subject: Firefox - Unexpanded menu on top of Google ads
Support Case Month: May 2012

I have a wide skyscraper Google ad that should show below a left side AllWebMenus menu. (Still in design/testing stage. Only the testing folder above has the menu in various stages of implementation. No images in that folder.) The menu is vertical, sliding, automatically highlights the current URL entry, and is set to push/pull content.

In Firefox, when the menu does not show a submenu, the menu overlaps the Google ad. Chrome and IE9 handle this as expected. Firefox does it right when there is a submenu.

Attempted solution failed: I set a specific position for the div containing the ad that should put the ad below the menu's initial height. The ad shows up that far below the menu instead of that far below the top of the window. <sigh>

What can I do to make Firefox show the ad down below the menu in its initial state?

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Reply From: Likno Customer Support

It seems that the positioning image is not visible in the page you sent. If you add a “display: block;” it seems to work fine:

<img id="topleft" alt="" border="0" height="1"
Library/graphics/entry/32clear.gif" width="175" style="display: block;">

Please double-check the rest of your page to see if you have something different than in the page where this works. Specifically look for css differences.

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Jan

When the doctype is missing, Firefox shows the Google ads below the menu. When there is a doctype, the menu overlaps the ad in Firefox. I had no idea that some of my pages had lost their doctype statements!

I added the suggested display:block to the positioning image and (once I remembered to save all the saved pages!), Firefox is behaving nicely again.

Thanks! I would NEVER have come up with that solution.