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Initial Email Subject:Can scroller be set to show items in columns & rows like a 3X2 or 3X3 alignment?
Support Case Month: August 2013

I want the horizontal scroller to show items in a 3X2 grid or a 3X3 grid (have narrow long space on webpage and want to see 6 to 9 items at a time.  A vertical scroller doing the same thing would be my second choice.

X X X      or  X X X

X X X           X X X

                  X X X

Didn't see how to do this on the website.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


You could do that but it will need some code from your side.

I am attaching you the example01b in which i have 3 images in each item. So, the scroller looks like it has 3 rows. Then, i have remove all the mouse over styling, so the scroller looks plain in the page. Finally, i have added CSS Styling in the page, to manage the mouseover of the items. So, i use class="HoverBorder" for each item i want it to have border on mouseover. This is just something basic so you can get the point on which to make your own.

Export the zip i have attached and then open the project to see what i have done.

Note, that you may not have the same URLs for the images i use. In this case, use your URL to show that images.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

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Aggelos Tsakonas
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