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The following issue is related to users that login to their PC with another user account than the one they used to login when working with Likno products. This is also the case when users upgrade their Windows to a newer version of Windows (for example, upgrading to Windows 8) and their user account name is not the same as it used to be.

Those affected users are trying to save, compile or export a project and it seems that the file does not get generated where it should be.

This happens when the application does not have access rights for the given folder where the output file should be written. In most cases this is because the user tries to write to a folder of a different user.

If you recently upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8, then it is very likely that you created a new user, but all the paths in our projects are still pointing to the old user.

For example, your old user name was “john” and your “Documents” folder was under:


So all the projects point to that folder. Now that you upgraded, the new user is “JohnD” and the “Documents” folder points to:


This can cause two types of confusion:

1) You are logged into your PC as “JohnD” and you are trying to write into “john" documents, so you get an error that you are not able to write there or no file is written.

2) If you have full admin rights, you may be able to indeed write a file there, but you are still looking for it into your new “Documents” folder, so it still seems that it does not work.

In either case, you should double-check the paths where you are trying to write the new file.