Hey everybody,

We wanted to let you know that we have released a new version of  AllWebMenus Pro, version 5.3 build #840!

Check out What's New:

- 10 new menu themes added (free for licensed installations), such as:

Windows 7 Menu

- 1 new Example added ("#22 - Windows 7" menu example, free for licensed installations):

Windows 7 Menu

View "Windows 7 menu" example
- New version of the "Joomla Menu Add-in & Component" combination released, supporting 3 new population methods: "Dynamic", "Mixed" and "Static". This means that you now have the ability to use AllWebMenus only for menu style purposes and populate the menu items dynamically through a Joomla menu.

Drupal Menu

- The "Advanced Floating Menu" feature is now also available for all Server Side Menu implementations (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.).

- Padding can now be increased up to 999px (previous max value was 50px).

- New versions for all Server-Side Menus API related products.

- Minor interface enhancements regarding the "Menu Type" property.

- Fixed an issue where the program was not responding when the user had a very large monitor resolution.

- Fixed an issue where menu was not displaying properly when a style margin or padding was set for all tables in the page's CSS.

- Fixed an issue where IE8 (in compatibility mode) was not showing the dot.gif image when there were two slashes in image path.

- Fixed an IE-only issue where the background-color CSS value in a table was causing problems to the menu.

Download the new version at http://www.likno.com/download.html

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When you build a menu using AllWebMenus Pro and its Joomla add-in, you need to perform some more actions in order to make it appear in your site.

The procedure you have to follow so as to make your menu work using the Joomla add-in of AllWebMenus Pro is the following:

  1. Allocate a domain for the site you want your menu to appear. To do that you have to login to your Likno User Area account and click on the link "Allocate/Purchase Domain Licenses" under the "Server-Side Menu Add-in" option in the "AllWebMenus Add-ins" section. There you will find a form in which you will be able to allocate the appropriate domain.
  2. Reactivate your AllWebMenus Pro application. After you allocate the appropriate domain you need to reactivate your application in order to get this informed about the domain allocation.
  3. Go to Tools > Project Properties > Folders and define properly the Site_Root folder property, which is the folder you want your menu zip file to reside, after the compilation of your menu project; when you compile your menu (in step 5) a zip file will be generated. You have also to define the Compiled menu name property, which is the name of the zip file that will be generated after the compilation of your menu project (e.g. if you use the menu2 value for the Compiled menu name property the zip that will be generated will be the following awmmenu2.zip)!
  4. Setup Joomla Menu / Choose domain. You have to go to Add-ins > Joomla Menu > Setup Joomla Menu / Choose domain and choose the allocated domain from the drop down list for your menu (see Images 1,2). In image2 you will see that i choose a sample domain called likno.com.
  5. Compile your menu for this domain. You have to go to Add-ins > Joomla Menu > Compile Joomla Menu (for  domain: localost). Instead of  localhost you should see your allocated domain; see image 3 which shows you an example for the sample domain likno.com. After the compilation of your menu ,a zip file will be generated.




Finally you are ready to link your menu in your Joomla site. To do that you just have to Upload the compiled menu (the ZIP file mentioned above) via the Joomla administrator area. Go to "Components > AllWebMenus > Upload Compiled Menu ZIP file", select the menu (zip) file (which is in the Site_Root folder as described in step 3) and upload it. Your AllWebMenus menu has been successfully uploaded and installed. You will now be able to view the menu on your Joomla website.

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