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How do i do just a plain old slideshow with your scroller builder? I haven’t uploaded anything yet because nothing is turning out like i hoped.

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I would recommend you to start from Example 02, it uses images as scroller items so you can see how you can have images.  (Project Tab)

Scroller Items

In this example , we have selected 7 items maximum per page (depending on the container width and the width of the images). You could have only one item per page, so you can set this in the property shown below in the screenshot. (Style Editor Tab)

Show items per scroller

Then you can set the Behavior of your scroller (Style Editor Tab), you can set it to automatically scroll on page load if you want or use buttons to control this (see screenshot below)

Scroller Behavior settings

Set all the other properties you would like, like navigation arrows or navigation bar and you are done!

Don't forget to choose the population method and the positioning of your scroller.

Then, you just need to compile your menu and insert it in your page(s).

Let me know if you need any more help.


We have just launched a new version of Likno Web Scroller Builder with Image Scroller, download it and search through the examples to take more ideas.

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