The responsive feature of AllWebMenus gives you the ability to create up to 4 different versions of your menu according to screen sizes.

You are able to have up to 4 versions of the menu and set the screen size for each version. Each version of the menu can have different content, styling, positioning. For example, you might want to have a horizontal menu for the desktop version, but a vertical sliding for the mobile version. Each version covers a range of screen sizes, in this way 4 versions are enough to cover all sizes.

According to the screenshot below,

the version 1 would be served for screens over 960px, this means that this version of the menu will be appropriate for laptops/desktops.

Version 2 will appear in screens between 768px and 959px, so this will appear in tablets on horizontal view.

Version 3 will appear in screens between 480px and 767px, so this will appear in tablets on vertical view.

Version 4 will appear in screens below 479px, so this means in mobile devices.


You can have a different Content, Styling and positioning for each of these versions.

If you need to use the same, just use the CLONE functionality after you make a change to one of these, it is very handy: