AllWebMenus Pro has the "Link Target" property. This property specifies the frame, iframe or window where the page specified by the "Link" property (of the menu item) opens. The image below shows the various options of the "Link Target" property.

If you choose option "_blank" the page specified by the "Link" property of the menu item will open in an new browser window. You can define the properties of the opening window selecting the option "use parameters". Then you have to click on the "use parameters" option and a window like the image below will appear and will allow you to customize the browser window.

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New AllWebMenus version 4.2 build #654 has been released!

- Fixed a problem with link property when opening in new window with parameters in all browsers except Mozilla.

- Fixed a problem in IE7 where right image does not appear in the right.

Download the new version of AllWebMenus today and start creating awesome menus for your website(s) in just a few clicks!

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