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Support Case Month: July 2013

Hi Folks,

I am building a silo structured website and would *love* to use your Allwebmenus Pro but I need to hide the menus from Google and make their bot follow my link structure.

As the experts, can you advise,
1. Can/does Google read the js files?
2. What about putting the javascript files in a directory and disallowing it in robots.txt?
3. Is it worth putting the menus in an I-Frame?

Note: I am specifically worried about Google and assume you are up-to-date with the latest thinking.

Your advice ahead of a purchase would be much appreciated.


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello James,

First, thank you for your interest in our Likno products.

As far as we know, Google cannot find the links contained inside our menu.js file, because this file does not have straight <a> tags, or even "onclick" methods. It merely has the URL as a string parameter which later the awmlib1.js (or awmlib2.js) reads and creates the link.

See for example one such "item" inside the menu.js file:

it=s1.addItemWithImages(7,8,8,"AllWebMenus Examples",n,n,"",n,n,n,3,3,3,n,n,n,"",n,n,n,"examples.html?source=side",n,0,0,2,10,11,11,12,13,13,1,1,1,0,0,n,n,n,0,0,0,4,n);

For this reason, we created the "UL/LI" population option in AllWebMenus so that users that do need SEO and Google crawling the pages can use it.

So, we believe that if you use AllWebMenus with the standard population method Google will not crawl the links within (which are actually parameters).

Don’t put the menus in an i-frame, it has no difference in terms of Google crawl.

Also read this:

So I believe you are safe with the external menu.js file of ours (which does not even have the links in coding format but only as parameters).

Likno Customer Support
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