This event is called the "Hanging Menu" effect. The "Hanging Menu" effect is an IE-only bug that can be solved by placing the Linking Code instance of the menu right before the </body> TAG.

In more detail, IE is loading pages in a different way that other browsers. It first loads the structure and then it loads all the text and images. The result of this is that you get the "awmAnchor" with the structure (hence the menu shows), but the whole table is still empty and concentrated in the top-left conrner (and your Anchor is there too!).

You may have noticed cases where you have pictures in your webpages and the image-holder box changes size when it loads the image (it's the same thing).

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When you link a menu created by AllWebMenus Pro into one of your HTML pages, a portion of JavaScript code, called Linking Code, is automatically generated and added right after the <body> TAG of your page's source code.

In case that the Linking Code instance has not be placed in the correct position, because either you have chosen to place it manually or you are using a CMS (Content Management System) that places it in a different way of AllWebMenus Pro, you will encounter a lot of problems regarding the appearance of your menu; your menu may not appear in all the browsers or may appear corrupted in some of them.

In case you are using specific CMSs there are a few differences in the positioning of the Linking Code instance within your page's source code (e.g. FrontPage). In some cases CMS tools position the Linking Code instance in different TAG than the <body> TAG and need to perform specific actions so as to integrate correctly AllWebMenus Pro with them.You can find all the appropriate information for the integration of AllWebMenus Pro with them, in the following link of our company's site:

If you are not using any CMS, then the solution is simpler. You either have to relink your menu using the automatic process of the AllWebMenus Pro (you can find all the appropriate information about how to unlink a menu through AllWebMenus Pro in the following article: or you have to edit your page (i.e. the page that is using a menu created by our DHTML menu maker) using a simple text editor and move the Linking Code right after the <body> TAG of your page's source code.

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