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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Multiple menu locations
Support Case Month: August 2013

I was just wondering if it is possible to have the same menu in two place on the same page, i.e. header and footer, and if so how to do it.

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Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Larry,

You could have the same menu in two places in the same page. All you should need to do is: Change the “Compiled Name” of the menu in the Project Properties.

Change the positioning (position one according to your header and the other according to your footer).

You should leave the folders as they are by default so that all of your menus see the same library files.

Things to note:

1) All your menus should be compiled with the same AllWebMenus version.

2) You should make sure that you properly Compiled, Linked and uploaded your second menus as you did with the first.

3) There is no limit to the number of  menus you can add this way.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

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Aggelos Tsakonas
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