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Initial Email Subject: Text wraps in menu items
Support Case Month: October 2012

The text in the top level menus wrap.  For example for the menu item "Free & Trial Software" I get
Free &
when the menu is displayed in IE8. 
I am not using HTML text.
If I tell menu to use full width, wrap goes away (this is not an acceptable solution).  How do I prevent the text wrap?
After further testing with above link, you may have to change font size or % size to see the wrap.  The Apycom DHTML Menu we are trying to replace with your product does not have this wrap problem.

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Reply From: Likno Customer Support


I checked your page and it seems the problem is caused because you do not have a valid DOCTYPE in your page.

This causes IE to go into the so called “quirks mode” which is essentially IE5.5 Compatibility Mode.

Please try replacing this:


With this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

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