Knowledge Base support case for Likno Web Modal Windows Builder, abstracted and stripped of all user’s private info.

Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: modal window problem in Internet Explorer 10
Support Case Month: June 2013


MODAL WINDOWS compiled with the latest version – DO NOT WORK IN INTERNET EXPLORER 10  USING BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY MODE BUTTON CIRCLED IN RED BELOW.   You can test by clicking on any of the boats by size scrolling menu or ‘Click for more photos…’ link beneath each boat photo.

This is happening to both recently re-compiled modal windows for {URL REMOVED} (which is only a simple email harvest form) and {URL REMOVED} – which uses Modal Windows extensively.  This particularly customer is quite distressed as this is his busy season and he’s getting a lot of complaints that folks can’t open the modal window boat detail pages….

I need to resolve this issue quickly.   I’ve attached the exported project ZIP file.  If the issue cannot be resolved quickly – I need access to the previous version (or maybe the one before that – not sure how long since I updated the Modal Window software) so I can recompile the code as this issue did not manifest itself before the last upgrade…


Thank you !

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello JP,

The problem is with the DOCTYPE in your page… you do not have one!

Just add a DOCTYPE at the beginning of the page, for example:   <!DOCTYPE html>

Aggelos Tsakonas 
Likno Customer Support
Powerful javascript menus (CSS menus/drop-down menus/sliding menus), web trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, scrollers, designs for your websites!

Reply From: JP

That did the trick – you guys are fabulous…

Thank you !