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AllWebMenus WordPress Plugin can be installed and used on a Multisite WordPress installation.

The steps to install AllWebMenus WP plugin on a multisite WP installation are:

Step 1:

While you are in your WP Network Admin Panel go to Plugins, choose the AllWebMenus and click on Install Now.


Step 2:

After AllWebMenus WordPress Plugin is installed, click Network Activate.


Then, AllWebMenus WP plugin will be activated in your WordPress Sites on that WordPress network installation.



Screenshot from a WordPress site inside that Multisite installation.



Screenshot from another WordPress site inside that Multisite installation.


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Knowledge Base support case for AllWebMenus, abstracted and stripped of all user’s private info.

Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject:  Location of site root folder
Support Case Month: July 2013


To avoid two stepping, we are compiling directly to a target web folder.  That folder is on a web share that we would like to map using UNC mapping, but the site root folder utility won’t let us use UNC mapping.

We are hosting the saved .awm files on a file share.  A group of developers (each with their own local install of your software) opens the .awm files to modify, but the way that this is currently working we have to make sure that every developer that uses the .awm file has the target web share mapped to the exact same drive letter (W: in the example).

It would be far better for us if we could enter the target drive using UNC format to make the mapping universal rather than as a drive letter.

site root folder network drive


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Mark,

I understand what you mean, I will forward this to the developer in charge. He is on vacation this week, so I will have news next week on that.

Are you sure you cannot see the network folders under the "Network" option?

See below for example, how I chose the "\\Leonardo\_temp" UNC folder when I clicked the "edit" link:

network path as site root folder

Also, there is an alternative way to do this.

Enter an arbitrary local Site Root folder, save the project, close AllWebMenus and open the .awm in a text editor. Search for that arbitrary Site Root folder:

manually change the network path for site root folder

… and replace it with your UNC.

Best Regards, 
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