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Support Case Month: March 2014

In Likno Web Modal Windows Builder I would like to use the API calls but I get the following error message:

Uncaught ReferenceError: myModalName is not defined

I have created my Modal Window project, I have compiled it and linked it to my pages.I have written the script following your instructions for the modal window API, but I still get the above error. What I have done wrong?

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According to your project the name of your modal window is Modal_Window_1, not myModalName that is why it is not recognized.

jQuery modal window

You are trying to assign parameters to a modal window with the name myModalName but this does not exist. The modal window in your project is Modal_Window_1 so this is what you should use instead of myModalName.

You may want to see more information about the Modal Window API here:

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Hi Aggelos,

That solved my issue, many thanks for your best and quick support !!!