Hello, we have released a new version of Likno Web Modal Windows Builder: Build #248

Check out What's New

- Added the "Modal Window appears relative to" group of properties in "Style Editor", which lets you position the appearing modal window anywhere you like! Lots of options, such as positioning the modal window relative to "the Browser Window (default)", "a page Element" or "an Image"... and at any corner or side of that chosen "Target".

modal window positioning
- Added 58 new Navigation Bars to choose from!

modal window navigation bars

- Enhanced the Navigation Bar functionality to include "Bullets" (as "sheet numbers"), Opacity on Normal or Mouse Over states, etc.

modal window bullets opacity


You can download the latest version at:


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Hey everybody!

We are exited to inform you that we have released the latest version of AllWebMenus PRO version 5.2 Build #800

Here is a view of What's New!

- Added a new option to the "Show Item or Group on Appear" feature: If the selected (highlighted) item is inside a submenu group, do you want this group to also appear selected and open (or not)?

- Added "Browser-specific Offsets" for Chrome in the "Positioning" property.

- Added the "Unlimited Domains" License option to the Server-Side Menus API.

- Added the "Show Item or Group on Appear" feature to the Server-Side Menus API.

- Added support for the "Opacity" property in the Opera browser.

- Fixed an issue where the "Opacity" property was not applied properly when the Chrome or Safari browser was used.

- Added an additional check to the application to check if the user has administrator rights when trying to activate the product (administrator rights are required for the activation process).

- Enhanced the positioning behavior of a submenu that is set to "open on menu appear" and is currently outside the viewable page. When scrolling the page the submenu will show open at its specified position relative to its parent item.

- Fixed an issue where the "Automatic item selection (highlight)" feature was not working properly for links beginning with "/".

- Fixed an issue of the FrontPage Add-in where the message "Can't find web folder" appeared.

Download the latest version at:


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