For answers to questions regarding the use, features and functionality of Photo Frame Show (such as the ones seen below) please visit the Photo Frame Show Help section.

  • Basics
  • How do I change my frame or the image inside it?
  • How do I change the order of my framed images?
  • Can I "Save" my work and re-open it in another session?
  • How do I send my framed image via e-mail?
  • What it the purpose of Canvas?
  • What happened to the old "Leave to Desktop" and "Get from Desktop" features?
  • How do I "Save" (or Export) my framed image?
  • How do I download more frames or graphics?

Note: Users that have the old/former Photo Frame Show version should refer to the following posts (please note that we have suspended support for this version):

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In order to download more frames you may:

1. Visit our Online Frame Gallery

The online Frame Gallery contains hundreds of frames from a variety of categories. Simply browse through the different categories-sub categories, select the frame you want and click on it to start downloading!

You may visit the Online Gallery by:

· Going directly to the relevant page on our website Online Frame Gallery Page

· From within the program: Click on the "Open Frame" button and browse through the different categories-sub categories. If you want to be directed to the Online Gallery in order to see more frames belonging to that category-subcategory, simply click on the "Click here to download more frames" or "Download More Frames" buttons found on each subcategory in the program.

Download Frame

Download Frame

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To save your framed picture:

· Click on the "save" button in the Control Panel


· The Save File window will open. Define the file name you want your file to have, the format you want your file to be saved as, as well as the Subfile Type, Q factor, Progressive Options, Compression Control, Compression Ratio, Progressing Order, and Target Size.

The formats you can save your files as are:

· .jpeg
· .png
· .bmp
· .tif
· .tga
· .pcx



In order to save your framed pictures with transparency select to save the resulting image in .PNG file format.

If you plan to use your exported images on a web page, you should bear in mind that certain browsers (most notably Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or earlier versions) may not display your images correctly (e.g. they may display transparent areas as gray).

To work around this browser bug, we employ a popular "hack" to enable you to view these images in Internet Explorer in the right way, too. This "hack" involves the use of a special feature of Internet Explorer, a custom CSS attribute called "filter" as in the following example:


<div style="position:absolute; left:140px; height:32px; width:128px;
src='image.png', sizingMethod='scale');" >

Instead of

<img src="image.png" width="128" height="32" border="0">

** where "image.png" please replace "image" with your file name.

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To print your framed picture:

· Click on the "print" button of the main panel.

· A virtual printer will appear showing the frame to be printed as it is being placed in the printer's feeder.

· You can move and resize your frame by dragging it to where you want to place it and by using the resize control on the left side of the printer respectively.

· Click on the "print" button to start printing!

Step 1

Print Frame

Step 2

Print Frame

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