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Support Case Month: March 2012
Initial Email Subject: Web Tabs

Initial Email From: Bill


I use both a menu and tabs in my page.

While this does work in Chrome it seems to conflict with another module in IE9, Firefox and Opera.

If I remove the Tabs "linking code" the issue goes away, so it has to do with the Tabs.

Any suggestions?


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Bill,

This happened because in the specific project you have selected the option of using external navigation buttons, but you did not have any such buttons in your page:


I have just released a new Tabs build (208.2) that will work regardless of the existence of external buttons, even when this option is selected.

Please download it and recompile your projects:

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
Create any type of javascript menu (CSS menu, drop-down menu, sliding menu), button, html tree, modal window, tooltip, accordion, tab, scroller, jQuery slider) or design for your websites!

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Hello everybody,

just some days after the initial release and we continue to add more features!

This is what's new in Build #118:

- Added the "Play/pause/navigate through external page buttons" option, which allows the visitors to "play/pause" or "navigate" (previous, next, first, last) the accordion panes at will, by clicking on special buttons (images) on the page.

- 6 sets of "play/pause/previous/next/first/last" buttons (images) now available for the "Play Panes" feature.

- 3 new Example Projects added (12L, 13L, 14).

Some of the many features of Likno Web Accordion Builder:

  • Rich and powerful interface!
  • Create cross-browser jQuery accordions (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari, etc.) to display content when visitors click on (or even mouse over!) page elements (accordion headers) of your choice.
  • Use simple text, HTML code, images, videos (YouTube, etc.), animations, Flash, or whole pages (AJAX, URL) as content in your accordions.
  • Create projects fast by using ready-made examples already installed in the application.
  • Universal: Use in all authoring tools (Dreamweaver, Expression Web, etc.) and CMS platforms (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.).
  • Create any type of jQuery accordion control, such as: vertical accordion, horizontal accordion, jquery accordion, jquery slider, jquery toggle, accordion menu, collapsible panel, ajax accordion, javascript accordion, CSS accordion, accordion panel, etc.
  • Create both vertical and horizontal accordions, with headers on any side (Top, Bottom, Left, Right). Panes can open/close horizontally too!
  • Set the accordion panes as co-dependent (only 1 pane open at any time) OR totally independent (any number of panes open at any time).
  • Use any of 3 methods to populate your accordions with content:
    1. populated by the project properties (within the application)
    2. populated by a UL/LI structure, located inside your page.
    3. populated by DIV elements, located inside your page.
  • Position your accordions easily on page and anywhere you like, with many options:
    1. Insert into a page element of your choice (div, span, td, etc.).
    2. Replace a page element (vs "insert into").
    3. Replace an image of your choice.
    4. Float, relative to the browser window (any corner).
    5. Float, relative to a page element of your choice (any corner).
    6. Float, relative to an image of your choice (any corner).
  • Customize the style of your accordion through CSS ("css accordions").
  • Apply images creatively to create interesting accordions (images on accordion headers, image-based backgrounds etc.).
  • Use multiple accordion controls on the same page (with the same or different styling).
  • Add dynamic content (database-driven or programmable) to your accordions through AJAX techniques ("ajax accordions").
  • Show and hide the panes in your accordion using a variety of show/hide effects.
  • Optionally use an "Indicator" image on the headers of the accordion panes (panes can open/close when clicking on that image instead of their entire header area).
  • Set as initially open (on page load): a specific pane OR all panes OR no pane.
  • Make the accordion behave as a "SlideShow": its panes opening automatically, one at a time, at specified duration and direction, with looping or not, pause on "mouse over" and more.
  • Use complete help for all properties and procedures. Press F1 while you are on a property to immediately receive Help for that property.
  • Powered by the popular jQuery open source library.

Likno Web/HTML Accordion Builder will save you significant time and effort required to understand DHTML, JavaScript and jQuery code for creating neat HTML accordion and slider controls!

- Features:
- Examples:
- Download:

Likno Web/HTML Accordion Builder costs $49.95 (3-domain license). Windows ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 supported.

- Added many interface enhancements for a better look & feel.

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