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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: multiple modal windows
Support Case Month: June 2012

Can you tell me if the Modal Window software allows us to create multiple individual popup windows for each of our animals as depicted in the image below? If if does…that would be great!



pop up windows

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Joe,

You have multiple ways to do so:

One easy method is to use the "target="Modal_Window_1_single" code on each link, where the "href" will contain a reference to an "id", which will be included in the image file that you want (click the help icon [?] there for more info).

Please make sure that you have selected the “Make certain links/forms in page open in this window” option and read more about it there:

what you want the selected modal window to do

Each image that you want to be displayed should be inside the page, with a unique id for that image.

For example, for this <a> link...

<a href="#picture_ghandi" target="Modal_Window_1_single">Ghandi</a>

...the modal window shows the following image that uses this ID:

<img id="picture_ghandi" src="" style="display:none;" />

So, you just place all images in the page, as follows:

<img id="picture_ghandi" src="" style="display:none;" />

<img id="picture_elvis" src="" style="display:none;" />

… (etc.)

…and then use these links to call each image accordingly:

<a href="#picture_ghandi" target="Modal_Window_1_single">Ghandi</a>

<a href="#picture_elvis" target="Modal_Window_1_single">Elvis</a>

Notice the style="display:none;" code in the <img> tags which makes the images "invisible" in the actual page (but visible when the modal window opens to show them).

Likno Customer Support
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