Hello! We have released a new version of Likno Web Scroller (jQuery Slider) Builder: Version 1.0 build #118.

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- Fully implemented the "Populate the scroller items using an external feed (RSS or ATOM or XML)" feature.

HTML jQuery slider scroller RSS ATOM XML properties

HTML jQuery slider scroller RSS ATOM XML example

- Improved the library loading method (faster/cleaner/more compatible).

- Improved the image preloading process.

- Added the "Loop - Rewind" feature, which makes the scroller (jquery slider) rewind to the other side and start the items movement from there.

HTML jQuery slider scroller loop rewind

- Added Example 07 (eBay mockup): Similar scroller to the live slider used on eBay (as of July 11, 2012). Use of an *image map* on each scroller item. Use of a "Page Numbers" only Navigation Bar. Use of *Play on Page Load* (automatic play).

HTML jQuery slider scroller eBay mockup example

- Fixed an issue where the item's tooltip appeared behind the scroller/slider when the scroller was of the "Floating" positioning type.

- Fixed an issue with the Navigation Bar and the "Feed (RSS/ATOM/XML) population method" where it displayed just one page while more than one page existed.

- Fixed an issue with the Navigation Bar where it would appear left-aligned instead of centered in some occasions.

- Changed the "Show Scroller Only" Preview option to always show the scroller centered on the preview page.

- Fixed an issue with "Bullets-only" Navigation Bars where they would appear misplaced in the Preview.

- Updated the Navigation Bar XML files to use better padding values.

- Fixed a rare case where files were deleted when trying to link to them.

- Fixed an issue related to the Navigation Bar when floating over the "Items Area".

- Various interface improvements.

All features here: http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/index.php

Download the new version of our web scroller (jquery slider) builder at http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/download.php