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Initial Email Subject: Can a previous-next be added to a menu?
Support Case Month: March 2014


This particular site has a bottom menu on the paintings page with numbers from 1 to 24 across the bottom.  Now they want to add a <Previous>  <Next> to that same menu that is using build 884.  Can this be done and how would I add the <Previous>  <Next> to the menu so it would rotate to each new page from 1-24?  Please let me know, any help would be appreciated.


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Joy,

As it seems this is a slideshow and it would be perfectly created with Likno Web Scroller Builder (info: examples:

If you choose to go with AllWebMenus then you can add "Previous" as you first menu item and "Next" as you last menu item in your structure.

Then, you can add a JavaScript Command to run when you click those 2 items. So, I guess you can have 2 JavaScript functions (1 for previous, 1 for next). In previous function you need to have a script that will take you to the previous page and in next function to take you to the next page.

JavaScript command in menu item

Please, let me know if you need further help.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Aggelos Tsakonas
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Initial Email Subject: Modal window back button
Support Case Month: September 2012

I have unsuccessfully tried to create back button for when a window opens inside a Modal window.  Ideally, the back arrow only shows if there is a previous page within the same modal window.  If you follow my example, the modal window either shuts down or become inoperable.  Any ideas that I could us on all my modal windows.

link to open modal window

another link

link for modal window

Since the following is a new page in the same modal window clicking ”back” closes all modal windows and make future modal windows fail.  I found the code on the internet and it obviously does not work correctly.  I need it because some pages open inside the same modal window and sometimes a new modal window is opened.

back button in a modal window

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Bill,

This happens because the history does not hold JS events such as the opening of a modal window.

When you click on “back” the browser will try to go back in the history of the current (focused) frame/iframe and if this does not have any history then to the history of the parent frame or top page.

This is what happens in your case. When you open a new window with no history and hit “back” you get the history of the top window.

I am afraid that this is too complex for us to resolve and you will just have to wait until modern browsers support JS events in their history.

Finally, as a note, back() & forward() do not require a parameter, while go() does accept a parameter for the destination step relative to the current page. For example “history.go(-1)” is identical to “history.back()”.

Likno Customer Support
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