The AllWebMenus Pro applicaton provides you the capability to create fancy menus using various customized images. When you have a menu that uses images, you may encounter the need of restoring these images; images can be temporarily lost from your menu's project and the reasons that can cause this inconsistency may be a lot. For example you may move the project file, but not the folder which contains the images.

To restore the images of your menu using AllWebMenus Pro, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the "Menu Editor" of your AllWebMenus Pro application and choose an item from the "Menu Structure" panel.
  2. In the "Item Properties" panel click on a property that involves images (e.g. Image). The property does not have to actually have an image; it can be [no image].
  3. Then, click the pointer in order to open the "Select Image" window.
  4. Click on "Add New Image", and browse your folders to find where the images are stored.
  5. Select all the images from the folder and import them.
  6. Click "Yes" in all the warning windows that will appear.
  7. Finally, click "Cancel" in order for the property you selected to return to its default value. Refresh your menu and the images will be there.