Knowledge Base support case for Likno Web Scroller Builder,  abstracted and stripped of all user’s private info.

Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Slider questions 
Support Case Month: February 2013

HI Guys,
A couple of things.When you open Web scroller, it would be great if you could see the last projects you were working on, like Adobe does.When working on a slideshow it would be great if you could see the current item. Having the slide show showing is great but if you've got a large complicated project you want to see what the current slide looks like.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Colin,

Thank you for your feedback.

Regarding the recent projects, you should be able to access these through the "Project" menu:

recent scroller projects

Regarding the selected item, the preview should always start with the “current” item in view:

preview current slider item

Does this not happen in your case? Or did you maybe mean something else?

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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