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Initial Email Subject: iPhone link "scroll wheel"
Support Case Month: May 2013


Where is the option to enable on mobile browsers like the iPhone for instance... the scrolling select wheel?  I'm finding that I would rather enable that option than try to use the buttons on the mobile devices.  I would rather use the allwebmenus on the desktop and tablet versions of the websites, then use the scroll wheel.  I don't like the way the above link looks on an iPhone.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello again,

Regarding your question, I am afraid that we do not currently support the iPhone wheel at all. Still you could improve your menu by making sure that it at least uses up the available space! My suggestion is that you create three responsive versions:

1) for pages up to 780px, set your menu to have a minimum width of 693px;

2) for pages between 455px and 779px, set the menu to be a menubar with a right margin of 14px

3) for pages smaller than 455px, set the menu to be a menubar with two rows and a right margin of 14px

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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