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Support Case Month: March 2012
Initial Email Subject: Why?

Initial Email From: Anna

I have turned on the feature that highlights the menu tab for the current page.  I don't know if this is affecting this problem but see in my website how the sub menu is displaying under Company Information even though your cursor isn't over it.

How can I fix this?

Thank you!


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Anna,

Please uncheck the following option:

show submenu on appear

Likno Customer Support
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We wanted to inform you that we have released the latest version of AllWebMenus Pro - version 5.3 Build #828

Check out What's New:

- Added an "iPhone menu" to the example projects.

- Added a "video" button in the "Tooltip Style" property, that links to an online page with a video for that particular feature.

- Added support for the new version of Dreamweaver CS5.

- Moved the "Show Item or Group on Appear" property from the "Advanced" section to the "Main" section of properties.

- Fixed an IE issue introduced in Build #826, where the menu was not positioned correctly by some pixels.

- Fixed an issue where the hidden state of a submenu was not saved.

- Fixed an IE8 issue, where if the menu was positioned relatively to an element and the page scrolled, the menu scrolled also.

- Fixed a Chrome issue with Server-Side menu implementations that contain images: The menu would not appear if the back button was hit.

- New version released for all Server-Side Menus API related products (Joomla menus, WordPress menus, etc.)

Download the latest version at

Important! Since Build #822, the activation process has been changed to better support non-admin cases. Therefore, when you install Build #822 (or above) over Build #820 (or below) you need to retrieve a new Activation Code from your User Area. It is important to clarify that this action does NOT reduce the remaining Activation Codes of your existing license.

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Hey everybody!

This is to inform you that AllWebMenus Pro version 5.2 Build #802 has been released!

Take a look at 'What's New' in this version:

- New "Menu Structure Source" property to specify how your css navigation menu is populated with menu items and submenus:

Option 1: using the project's structure, i.e. items that you add to your AllWebMenus project. These items are fetched from its compiled project's file (default option), OR
Option 2: "on-the-fly", using <UL><LI> items fetched from the loaded page that shows the menu.

- Added support for properly building a menu when its menu-linking code cannot be placed right after the <BODY> element: you can inform AllWebMenus if the menu-linking code is a direct child of the <BODY> tag (default behavior) OR it "sits" inside additional tags (like <td>, <div>, <span>, etc.). The latter case used to cause some cross-browser trouble in certain CMS or tools (especially in FrontPage), now it is solved through this option.

- Fixed an issue where the "Show Item or Group on Appear" didn't work properly when "Automatically" was chosen and the option "If the highlighted item is inside a submenu group, this group will also appear selected and open" was unchecked.

You can download the application via our website's Download Page

Thanks for reading!

Likno Software Team

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Hey everybody!

We are exited to inform you that we have released the latest version of AllWebMenus PRO version 5.2 Build #800

Here is a view of What's New!

- Added a new option to the "Show Item or Group on Appear" feature: If the selected (highlighted) item is inside a submenu group, do you want this group to also appear selected and open (or not)?

- Added "Browser-specific Offsets" for Chrome in the "Positioning" property.

- Added the "Unlimited Domains" License option to the Server-Side Menus API.

- Added the "Show Item or Group on Appear" feature to the Server-Side Menus API.

- Added support for the "Opacity" property in the Opera browser.

- Fixed an issue where the "Opacity" property was not applied properly when the Chrome or Safari browser was used.

- Added an additional check to the application to check if the user has administrator rights when trying to activate the product (administrator rights are required for the activation process).

- Enhanced the positioning behavior of a submenu that is set to "open on menu appear" and is currently outside the viewable page. When scrolling the page the submenu will show open at its specified position relative to its parent item.

- Fixed an issue where the "Automatic item selection (highlight)" feature was not working properly for links beginning with "/".

- Fixed an issue of the FrontPage Add-in where the message "Can't find web folder" appeared.

Download the latest version at:

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Hi everyone!

We are happy  to report that we have released AllWebMenus v5.2 build #798!

The new version includes the following new features and enhancements:

- Enhanced and renamed the "Auto Item Highlight" property to "Show Item or Group on Appear" to reflect additional features.

When the menu initially appears on the page, you can have an item shown as "selected" (highlighted) or a group appear open. Either automatically (item selected based on page URL) or manually (by choosing a specific item or group ID, either through the interface or through a variable in the HTML page).
See an online example

show item or group on appear

show item or group on appear

- Added the "Twitter Bar" within AllWebMenus. Now you can learn about our work on new features before we even release them! You can also learn about additions to our website, new examples, help topics, blog posts, etc.

- Fixed an issue where the AllWebMenus interface could not open when the user selected to open a file from the Welcome dialog.

- Fixed an issue where an unwanted horizontal scrollbar could appear when a submenu appeared (on specific cases only).

- Fixed a compatibility issue between AllWebMenus and Thickbox.

You can download the latest version at

If you want to view all features and enhancements added on every released version (chronological), you can visit our What’s New Page.

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