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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Menu placement issues
Support Case Month: June 2012

Actually 2 problems...
When viewing my website from the control panel of my hosting company, I can view my menu, but never can get it in the right place, no matter if I place it relative to the window, or relative to a fixed element on my site. It always shows up too far to the right. (I'm using IE)
Problem #2 (which you may be able to see) is that when I view my website normally on the internet, rather than by choosing a page from my control panel, the menu doesn't show up AT ALL.
This doesn't make sense. And I've already spent 3 days trouble shooting different solutions. PLEASE don't just point me to FAQ's or pages of the help menu. I have already been studying them. I also haven't found solutions on the forum. I have re-compiled & re-uploaded files in every configuration I can think of till I'm brain dead...
I'm using Site Spinner software by Virtual Mechanics to create my website. Are there issues with using your product with Site Spinner? I had to place the code below the body tag on my own because AllWebMenus doesn't seem to link with it. If I didn't have the code placed correctly, I don't think the menu would show up when I view my website from my host's control panel. Maybe I'm wrong. But I'm all out of ideas. Would appreciate assistance - not canned answers please.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Pam,

I checked your page and there are several problems. First and foremost, you are using an extremely old version which has several known problems with some of the latest browsers (such as IE9 and Safari 5).

The second problem is that you have your menu Linking Code into a DIV which is using absolute positioning, and this can also affect the menu positioning. Ideally the menu Linking Code should be placed directly after the <body> tag and in any case should be a direct child of the <body> tag (not a child of another DIV element).

If you upgrade to the latest AllWebMenus, there is a Project Option specifically for this (Linking Code within page tags) that will correctly build and position your menu regardless of where the Linking Code is.

Both of these can cause the first problem (wrong positioning). I did not really understand however the nature of the second problem. When exactly does the menu not show? I tried viewing several pages in your site and the menu appeared at all times.

Likno Customer Support
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