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The site was built with many AllWebMenus (as required by the designers).  Is there a simple way to generate an XML and Google sitemap for all pages of the site?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Stan,

We do have a similar feature in AllWebMenus ("Create Sitemap"), however this cannot be applied in your case because:

1. One of your menus (the main menu) is a "mega menu" which means that many items are actually entire HTML (with many links etc.) and this HTML cannot be included in a sitemap entry (which requires just links).

2. Each project will create its own sitemap. There is no functionality for creating a "global" sitemap derived from multiple menu projects.

So, I am afraid that this cannot be done with AllWebMenus (which has this feature for "simple" and single menus) but you can definitely do this easily by using the Google Webmaster tools:

This is more appropriate as it will index all your pages, even the ones that are not included in the menu.

Best Regards,
Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Stan

Ok, thank you.

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Hey everybody,

We have released a new version of AllWebMenus Pro: Version 5.3 build #866.

Check out What's New:

- Improved iPhone support. Now if you "touch" an item with an open submenu, the submenu closes.

- Improved the behavior of "floating menus" so that their movement does not appear flickering.

- In "Link Compiled Menu..." the filetype dropdown box now remembers the last user selection.

- Added the ability to change the Start Menu group during the installation.

- Fixed an issue where the "Advanced Floating" feature with the "Instantly" option did not work properly. Also, changed the behavior so that if the "Floating Movement Ends" object doesn't exist in the page, the floating ends at the end of page.

- Fixed an issue where a warning appeared related to an "aRsF function" (Safari only).

- Fixed an issue where the "Unfolding effect" did not clip subgroups as it should (Opera 11+ only).

- Fixed an issue where the Generic Sitemap did not work properly. Also the default view changed.

- Fixed an issue where a group didn't appear on mouse over of parent item, if this item was auto highlighted without opening the group automatically on page load.

- Server-Side menus set to have "cursor: auto" now have "hand" instead of "arrow" for all dynamic items.

Download the new version at

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We are happy to announce the release of AllWebMenus Pro version 5.1 Build #790!

Build #790 enhancements and new features:

- New Likno Web Modal Windows Builder AddIn.

- Optimized Sliding Menu behaviour: When clicking on an item without a submenu, the opened sliding group belonging to the same Item Group closes.

- Optimized Generic Sitemap creation: Hidden items/groups are not shown when creating a Generic Sitemap.

- When going to the "File" menu, you can now see the 9 most recently used Menu Projects (instead of 4).

- Property optimized to support more options relative to the parent item.

- Fixed an issue where items in a vertical group didn't appear with the same width if a 'Has Submenu' image existed in one of the items (Opera broswer).

- Bug fixes

Download it and enjoy!

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AllWebMenus allows you to create site maps in HTML format, making your web site "search-engine friendly" as search engine crawlers use internal links to spider a site and do not crawl javascript links. Having a "Site Map" link at the index page ensures that the most important pages of your web site are definitely seen by those crawlers.

Specifically, through the "Tools -> Create sitemaps" you can create sitemaps based on any any of the available types (Generic, Google, ROR).

Simply create an optimized page with all the links contained in your menu and just add a single link to this page from your site's index page. This process lets all search engines crawl all URLs contained in your menu.

For more information, please visit:

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