- New Sliding Menu Add-in version (v1.0.3): Added support for also opening sliding submenus on "mouse over" of parent item (not only on "mouse click").

Sliding Menu

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Added an option to ignore the property of parent items of sliding submenus when clicking on them so that the submenus open instead of loading a page. However, if you wish you may achieve both effects by unchecking this option while having the "Remember the menu state" option checked.

- 1 new Sliding Menu Theme Pack available in Theme Gallery.

Siliding Menu ThemePack

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue where a sliding submenu did not reposition itself when the user resized the browser window.

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue where a sliding submenu did not unfold properly when a reposition of the main menu occurred.

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue on Opera only where the Background Image was not properly positioned.

- New versions of Server-Side Menus API Add-in (2.0.13), Joomla Add-in (1.1.5), WordPress Add-in (1.0.8) released, to include the above features.

- Improved the Joomla Component (v1.1.5) in order to avoid error messages when the zip file could not unpack.

- Fixed an issue with the IE8 library, which now makes the menus appear much faster than the previous library did.

- Fixed an issue on Opera browser with the size of items and groups, when a "Has Submenu" image exists.

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A lot of customers that are using the Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro, define their DHTML menus in such a way where the menu system can remember their expanded/collapsed state, when browsing through different pages. For example, when they expand a menu's item, the expanded menu keeps this state after navigating to a different page.

The Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro can easily implement this functionality. You just have to go to the "Style Editor" of your DHTML menu maker and choose the "Sub Groups Style" (or in the "Sub Groups Style+" if you want this functionality to be applied in the menu items that belong to a level greater than two) from the "Available Styles". Afterwards, you have to click on the "Type" property and check the "Remember the menu state..." option as shown in the image below:

If you want this setting not to be applied globally (i.e. you want your menu system to remember the expanded/collapsed state for some of your menu items and not for all), you must use the "Menu Editor" and not the "Style Editor". Then you have to choose each item you want to have this behavior, click on the "All Values" button and define its "Type" property as shown above.

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