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Initial Email Subject: Menu is not vivible using IE10
Support Case Month: August 2013


There is a problem: special characters in German language are not shown correct:
please look at {URL REMOVED}:
Characters like Ö, Ä, Ü a.s.o. are not shown correct.
Please tell me, what can I do...
Thank you very much!
Best regards,

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Werner,

In order to show special characters in AllWebMenus you should use "HTML - Formatting Mode" in menu items. (see screenshot)

You should also check this blog post to see more information.

After you have done all the appropriate changes then you need to recompile - reupload the produced files.

Let me know if you need more information.

Kind Regards, 
Aggelos Tsakonas
Powerful javascript menus (CSS menus/drop-down menus/sliding menus), web trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, scrollers, designs for your websites!

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Hello everybody!

We just released the latest version of AllWebMenus Pro, version 5.2 Build #820!

Take a look at What's New:

- Added a check for the compiled menu name so that it does not use any spaces or special characters.

- Fixed an issue where the option "hovers over another item" for sticky submenus did not work properly.

- Fixed an Opera (only) issue where the width of a subgroup was not exactly as specified by the user.

- Fixed an issue when converting old version awm files (version 3) to version 5 awm files.

- Minor GUI fixes/enhancements.

You can download the latest version of the program at


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HTML can sometimes be a tricky business... and as such, not everything you see is what you (actually) get!

When adding HTML content through the relevant properties available in our applications, some special characters you add might be incorrectly translated as HTML.

This will cause the following to happen:

  • Special Characters will not be displayed properly
  • Your entire HTML content might be broken

So, what can you do about this?

To make special characters show up on your pages, simply use a special set of codes called "character entities". When you add character entities into your HTML code, your browser will display them as the corresponding symbols or characters you want.

The International Organization for Standardization has narrowed down in a list and has compiled in the ISO Latin Alphabet the most commonly used character entities which include special characters, letters with diacritical marks (accents, umlauts, etc.), and scientific and currency symbols.

The code to be used for special characters is displayed in the Name Code and Number Code columns. You can use either codes as they will render the desired results in the same way.

ISO Entities

Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
‘ left single quote
’ right single quote
‚ single low-9 quote
“ left double quote
” right double quote
„ double low-9 quote
† dagger
‡ double dagger
‰ per mill sign
‹ single left-pointing angle quote
› single right-pointing angle quote
♠ black spade suit
♣ black club suit
♥ black heart suit
♦ black diamond suit
‾ overline, = spacing overscore
← leftward arrow
↑ upward arrow
→ rightward arrow
↓ downward arrow
™ trademark sign
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
�- unused
	 horizontal tab

 line feed
! ! exclamation mark
" " " double quotation mark
# # number sign
$ $ dollar sign
% % percent sign
& & & ampersand
' ' apostrophe
( ( left parenthesis
) ) right parenthesis
* * asterisk
+ + plus sign
, , comma
- - hyphen
. . period
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
⁄ / / slash
0-9 digits 0-9
: : colon
&#59; ; semicolon
&lt; &#60; < less-than sign
&#61; = equals sign
&gt; &#62; > greater-than sign
&#63; ? question mark
&#64; @ at sign
&#65;-&#90; uppercase letters A-Z
&#91; [ left square bracket
&#92; \ backslash
&#93; ] right square bracket
&#93; ] caret
&#95; _ horizontal bar (underscore)
&#95; _ grave accent
&#97;-&#122; lowercase letters a-z
&#123; { left curly brace
&#124; | vertical bar
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
&#125; } right curly brace
&#126; ~ tilde
&#127;-&#149; unused
&ndash; &#150; en dash
&mdash; &#151; em dash
&#152;-&#159; unused
&nbsp; &#160; nonbreaking space
&iexcl; &#161; ¡ inverted exclamation
&cent; &#162; ¢ cent sign
&pound; &#163; £ pound sterling
&curren; &#164; ¤ general currency sign
&yen; &#165; ¥ yen sign
&brvbar; or &brkbar; &#166; ¦ broken vertical bar
&sect; &#167; § section sign
&uml; or &die; &#168; ¨ umlaut
&copy; &#169; © copyright
&ordf; &#170; ª feminine ordinal
&laquo; &#171; « left angle quote
&not; &#172; ¬ not sign
&shy; &#173; ­ soft hyphen
&reg; &#174; ® registered trademark
&macr; or &hibar; &#175; ¯ macron accent
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
&deg; &#176; ° degree sign
&plusmn; &#177; ± plus or minus
&sup2; &#178; ² superscript two
&sup3; &#179; ³ superscript three
&acute; &#180; ´ acute accent
&micro; &#181; µ micro sign
&para; &#182; paragraph sign
&middot; &#183; · middle dot
&cedil; &#184; ¸ cedilla
&sup1; &#185; ¹ superscript one
&ordm; &#186; º masculine ordinal
&raquo; &#187; » right angle quote
&frac14; &#188; ¼ one-fourth
&frac12; &#189; ½ one-half
&frac34; &#190; ¾ three-fourths
&iquest; &#191; ¿ inverted question mark
&Agrave; &#192; À uppercase A, grave accent
&Aacute; &#193; Á uppercase A, acute accent
&Acirc; &#194; Â uppercase A, circumflex accent
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
&Atilde; &#195; Ã uppercase A, tilde
&Auml; &#196; Ä uppercase A, umlaut
&Aring; &#197; Å uppercase A, ring
&AElig; &#198; Æ uppercase AE
&Ccedil; &#199; Ç uppercase C, cedilla
&Egrave; &#200; È uppercase E, grave accent
&Eacute; &#201; É uppercase E, acute accent
&Ecirc; &#202; Ê uppercase E, circumflex accent
&Euml; &#203; Ë uppercase E, umlaut
&Igrave; &#204; Ì uppercase I, grave accent
&Iacute; &#205; Í uppercase I, acute accent
&Icirc; &#206; Î uppercase I, circumflex accent
&Iuml; &#207; Ï uppercase I, umlaut
&ETH; &#208; Ð uppercase Eth, Icelandic
&Ntilde; &#209; Ñ uppercase N, tilde
&Ograve; &#210; Ò uppercase O, grave accent
&Oacute; &#211; Ó uppercase O, acute accent
&Ocirc; &#212; Ô uppercase O, circumflex accent
&Otilde; &#213; Õ uppercase O, tilde
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
&Ouml; &#214; Ö uppercase O, umlaut
&times; &#215; × multiplication sign
&Oslash; &#216; Ø uppercase O, slash
&Ugrave; &#217; Ù uppercase U, grave accent
&Uacute; &#218; Ú uppercase U, acute accent
&Ucirc; &#219; Û uppercase U, circumflex accent
&Uuml; &#220; Ü uppercase U, umlaut
&Yacute; &#221; Ý uppercase Y, acute accent
&THORN; &#222; Þ uppercase THORN, Icelandic
&szlig; &#223; ß lowercase sharps, German
&agrave; &#224; à lowercase a, grave accent
&aacute; &#225; á lowercase a, acute accent
&acirc; &#226; â lowercase a, circumflex accent
&atilde; &#227; ã lowercase a, tilde
&auml; &#228; ä lowercase a, umlaut
&aring; &#229; å lowercase a, ring
&aelig; &#230; æ lowercase ae
&ccedil; &#231; ç lowercase c, cedilla
&egrave; &#232; è lowercase e, grave accent
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
&eacute; &#233; é lowercase e, acute accent
&ecirc; &#234; ê lowercase e, circumflex accent
&euml; &#235; ë lowercase e, umlaut
&igrave; &#236; ì lowercase i, grave accent
&iacute; &#237; í lowercase i, acute accent
&icirc; &#238; î lowercase i, circumflex accent
&iuml; &#239; ï lowercase i, umlaut
&eth; &#240; ð lowercase eth, Icelandic
&ntilde; &#241; ñ lowercase n, tilde
&ograve; &#242; ò lowercase o, grave accent
&oacute; &#243; ó lowercase o, acute accent
&ocirc; &#244; ô lowercase o, circumflex accent
&otilde; &#245; õ lowercase o, tilde
&ouml; &#246; ö lowercase o, umlaut
&divide; &#247; ÷ division sign
&oslash; &#248; ø lowercase o, slash
&ugrave; &#249; ù lowercase u, grave accent
&uacute; &#250; ú lowercase u, acute accent
&ucirc; &#251; û lowercase u, circumflex accent
Name Code Number Code Glyph Description
&uuml; &#252; ü lowercase u, umlaut
&yacute; &#253; ý lowercase y, acute accent
&thorn; &#254; þ lowercase thorn, Icelandic
&yuml; &#255; ÿ lowercase y, umlaut

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