Through the Visible When feature you can specify the menu to show or not, based on rules that you set.

This is useful when you want your menu to appear (or not appear) in special cases.


You have 2 separate menu projects, one in English language (menu-en.js) and one in German language (menu-de.js), and your website is based on a CMS through which you link both menus to all pages.

You want the English menu to show on the English pages of the website (eg: http://www.mysite/en/page1.html) while the German one on the respective German pages (eg: http://www.mysite/de/page1.html).

This is how you can do this:

On the English menu project (menu-en.js) you set the following condition:

Menu Visible When English


On the German menu project (menu-de.js) you set the following condition:

Menu Visible When German

In that way only one of the two linked menus appear on the web page, depending on the page's language implied by the URL.

Note that you can also use regular expressions in the matching string.

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Hello! We have released a new version of Likno Web Scroller Builder: Version 1.0 build #114.

Check out What's New

- Added 58 new Navigation Bars to choose from!

scroller/slider navigation bars
- Added the "Page Format" feature to the Navigation Bar, which lets you use your own string to show the current page, such as "%current_page% of %total_pages%" (example "1 of 5").

scroller/slider navigation bar pages property

scroller/slider navigation bar pages
- Added "Positioning Offsets" to the Navigation Bar, so that you can achieve a desired distance from the selected corner (or side) when the Navigation Bar is placed inside the "Items Area".

scroller/slider navigation bar offsets property

scroller/slider navigation bar offsets

- Enhanced the library so that it better supports the "Fixed" option in the Width and Height properties, as well as better support all Navigation Bars/Bullets.

- Added minor interface enhancements.

- Changed all Examples to use the appropriate Navigation Bars/Bullets and offsets.

- Changed the "Horizontal" Examples to use "Auto" in their Height so that they render properly with the new library.

- Added support for external Navigation Buttons.

scroller/slider external navigation buttons

- Fixed an issue where the "Step by Item" feature did not work properly.

- Fixed the "Use both HTML & Image" feature for the "DIV" and "UL/LI" population methods (in Sample Code and Preview).

- Added the "Highlight" feature to the Preview, so that you can highlight and understand the different elements of the scroller.

- Fixed the vertical alignment of Bullets within a Navigation Bar.

- Fixed some Navigation Bar issues (positioning and size).

All features here:

Download the new version of our web scroller/slider builder at

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