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You are amazing, I just have one bit of advice to ask is it possible to embed more than one scroller on a web page without conflict, and can I embed 3 scrollers in 3 tab pages using tab builder so each scroller would be embedded in every tab page then the tab project embedded on a page.

I tried setting up different directories but had conflicts.

Thanks again


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Mohssin,

Sure, you can have as MANY scrollers (or other likno products) on the same page as you wish.


First, make sure that each project has its OWN (custom) name for its COMPILED outcome. For example, this is "project1":

web scroller project custon name

Do, the same for "project2", etc.

Then, you should make sure that you LINK ALL compiled projects to the same page (for example "project1" and "project2" and "project3", you should have 3 "linking codes" on the page, one for each).

Finally, BE CAREFUL with the positioning ID:

positioning of the web scroller

You need to have DIFFERENT IDs per project, otherwise you will have a CLASH in positioning (each scroller will be positioned on TOP of other scrollers, or not show at all, etc.).

For example, change the above to:

change positioning element ID

These are mainly the points to remember.

Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Mohssin

Thanks really appreciate the support.