When you position a DHTML  menu built by AllWebMenus Pro relative to an element (usually in a <td> element), you might observe a small difference in the menu's placement. It might be some pixels further away than it is in IE6,7 or Firefox (e.g. usually it is in a lower position in IE8, Chrome or Safari, than it is in IE7, Firefox etc). This is caused due to the different way IE8, Chrome and Safari render the content of a table’s cell (<td> element).

IE8, Chrome and Safari vertically align the content of a table's cell in its center, whereas all the other browsers align it on the top and that's the reason you observe a difference in the placement of the DHTML menu in your page. To overcome this issue, you just have to add the attribute valign="top" in the element you have positioned the menu and you will get the required functionality.

For example if you want to  place your menu in a <td> element instead of the following:

<td id="awmAnchor-menu">&nbsp;</td>

you have to use the following:

<td id="awmAnchor-menu"valign="top">&nbsp;</td>