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Support Case Month: March 2012
Initial Email Subject: lost menu theme in all web menu

Initial Email From: User

I rarely update this site but now that I need to, the blueplastic-assets theme has disappeared. Can you help me with this? Thank you.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


The “blueplastic” theme is part of the free ThemePack that you got with your AllWebMenus purchase.

If you re-installed AllWebMenus in a new PC this would not be in the pre-installed menu themes.

Please login to your Likno User Area account and download the free ThemePack (or even better all your licensed themes) in order to access this free menu theme.


Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
Create any type of javascript menu (CSS menu, drop-down menu, sliding menu), button, html tree, modal window, tooltip, accordion, tab, scroller, jQuery slider) or design for your websites!

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When you build a menu in AllWebMenus Pro application, you apply a theme to this (usually the default one).

1. How to apply a built-in Theme in your menu.

1. How to apply a built-in Theme in your menu.

The Themes that do not contain images and are text and color based can of course be customized by the application; you just need to edit the <Background Color> property (and perhaps any other property that involves colors) in all the Available Styles of the Style Editor (i.e. Main Group Style, Main Items Style, etc...).

2. How to change the Background Color property.

2. How to change the Background Color property.

The Themes that do contain images cannot be customized color-wise within the AllWebMenus Pro. You can however customize the images that the menu is using (you can find these images in the NameOfThemes-assets folder which resides in the Theme Gallery\Vertical or Theme Gallery\Horizontal folder under the installation folder of your AllWebMenus Pro application (i.e. C:\Program Files\AllWebMenus5\Theme Gallery). Open the images with your favorite image editor and change their color, save them (it is recommended to keep backup files of the default Theme Packs of AllWebMenus Pro) and use them in  your menus!

Of course you can also create your own images from scratch, according to the needs of your website  and use them in the application to create your own menus - even your own Themes. You can find all the appropriate information about how to use your own images in your menu through your AllWebMenus Pro application to Help -> What is... -> The Image Manager.

In addition to the built-in Themes of the program, you can also purchase from the various Theme Packs that we have created. You can have a look at the Theme Packs here: You might also be interested in the Templates we have also created and contrary to themes, menu templates are complete .awm projects with special images, features and content that cannot be themed but provide added functionality:

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If you are a user of AllWebMenus Pro and you have purchased a Theme Pack you need to follow some steps in order to install it and be able to use it within AllWebMenus Pro Web Menu Builder.

First of all, you need to log into your Likno User Area account and download the purchased Theme Pack; click on the link “Themes: Download / Purchase”  of the “AllWebMenus Menu Templates / Themes” section.

After you download the Theme Pack which is in a zip file, you have to extract all the files (from the zip file) into the “Theme Gallery” fodler of your AllWebMenus Pro installation. For example, if your AllWebMenus installation is located at: C:\Program File\AllWebMenus5\…. then just extract all files into the following folder: C:\Program File\AllWebMenus5\Theme Gallery. This adds the new Themes into  the “Vertical” and “Horizontal” folder of your Theme Gallery.

Note! Theme Packs 1-33 can be used from version 4.x and 5.x of AllWebMenus Pro, whereas Theme Packs 34 and 35 can be used only from version 5.x and above of AllWebMenus Pro.

Version compatibility of future released Theme Packs will be denoted on specific posts accordingly.

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