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Support Case Month: March 2013

Hello Kostas,

I have a question. Modal windows can be used to enlarge images like it does fancybox for example?
If yes how do I do it?

Many thanks,

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Paolo,

Fancybox does not enlarge images itself. I guess what you mean is that you can click on a thumbnail and view the big image. Of course you must already have the images and thumbnails yourself.

In order to do this with Modal Windows you need to:

1) set the modal window to “Make certain links/forms in page open this window”:

what selected modal window to do

2) For each image in your page, you need to have the following code:

<a href="#bigimage1" target="Modal_Window_1_single"><img src="thumbnail1.jpg"></a>
<img id="bigimage1" src="bigimage.jpg" style="display: none;">

If you the modal window to have all the images (multi-sheet) and open in the specific image sheet, then just change this:

<a href="#bigimage1" target="Modal_Window_1_single">
     <img src="thumbnail1.jpg">

into this:

<a href="#bigimage1" target="Modal_Window_1_multi_links">
     <img src="thumbnail1.jpg">

You will find more information and samples in the “Content” area.

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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