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Initial Email Subject:  accordion and anchor links
Support Case Month: March 2012

Hi Kostas,
I've setup a few pages using the accordion great.
And I have setup and anchor link from a new ticker at bottom of homepage to link to the news page and open the specific pane...that works too
So now the client want to add a side-menu bar to the careers page, that stays at the top of the page and lists the careers on the page...and when each career link is clicked, it will open the appropriate pane.
I read through the "help" section for your app and it basically says

"Notes on "Method 3" (anchor in URL):

- this works only when the page is opened by a link from another page, not from the same page (because most browsers do not refresh the page when the link is from the same page)."

So...I was wondering if you had a "work-around" for this or any other ideas on how to make an anchor-link open a pane on the same page?? Could we add a "refresh" action in the code?
Thanks for your help...

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear John,

You can achieve this using the accordion API. I see that you named your accordion “news”. Hence you can use the following command to toggle (open or close) the first pane:


Accordingly you can open all panes, but keep in mind that the numbering starts from 0  (not 1).

Two more commands that may come in handy:



You can add these in the “onclick” of a plain link, or in the “javascript command - click” of an AllWebMenus item, or anywhere else where you would use JavaScript code.

Likno Customer Support
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