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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Put Likno menu on Site
Support Case Month: August 2012


I am really hoping Kostas you can help me with this.

I would like to put a pull down menu with All Web Menus on the site ( From before, you said that the menu should work and work well.

The file which contains the menu right now is header.tpl - how exactly do I do this?

The site has been created with PhotoStore 4

Please get back to me and offer full details on how do this.

Thank you so much,


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Karen,

I visited your site and I saw that you already added the Menu Linking Code in the main page (but only there). However you did not upload the Compiled Menu Files!

Please try the following:

1) remove the Linking Code from the index page

2) add the Linking Code to the “header.tpl” – make sure the “src” has a root-relative path, so that it works in folders too (if you have any)

3) upload the menu compiled files to the correct position

Likno Customer Support
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