Hey everybody!

We just released a new version of AllWebMenus; It is version 5.2 build 792 and it has many new features and enhancements!

Take a look:

- New "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" Add-In. This add-in introduces the "Open Modal Window" item property in order to be able to open a modal window (created through the separate "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" product) from within a menu item!

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder

- Added margin support on images used by the "Item Image" and "Item Foreground" property. Now you can use the "Image Margin" option to specify margins on images, allowing you to choose any white space you like at their sides.

- Added an option at the "Type" property to specify whether the Main Menu group affects the height of its positioning element or not. You now have two options:

No (default): The positioning element will keep its original height, as the menu (“Main Menu” group) will just float above it.
Yes: The positioning element will match the Main Menu height, as the menu (“Main Menu” group) will be embedded inside it.

- Added more options to the "Appears - Aligned with" property. Now you can use the "Top/Bottom/Centered" alignment to the parent item too (not only to the parent group), allowing for additional interesting alignment effects.

- Fixed an issue where a sliding menu would appear with scrollbars when positioned inside a TD and used the "Push/Pull page content" option (Mozilla browsers only).

- Fixed an issue in FrontPage AddIn, where the "Auto Item Highlight" option turned to "No", when the user updated the navigation structure.

- Fixed an issue in FrontPage AddIn, where the "Sub Items Style+" style didn't apply to items below 3rd level, when the user updated navigation structure.

- Fixed an issue where the awmShowMenu() function didn't work properly (IE for Windows only)

- Fixed an issue where a sliding menu did not push the content of the page correctly (Mozilla browsers only).

You can download this new version, please visit:

For more details on all releases, please visit:

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A lot of customers that are using the Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro, define their DHTML menus in such a way where the menu system can remember their expanded/collapsed state, when browsing through different pages. For example, when they expand a menu's item, the expanded menu keeps this state after navigating to a different page.

The Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro can easily implement this functionality. You just have to go to the "Style Editor" of your DHTML menu maker and choose the "Sub Groups Style" (or in the "Sub Groups Style+" if you want this functionality to be applied in the menu items that belong to a level greater than two) from the "Available Styles". Afterwards, you have to click on the "Type" property and check the "Remember the menu state..." option as shown in the image below:

If you want this setting not to be applied globally (i.e. you want your menu system to remember the expanded/collapsed state for some of your menu items and not for all), you must use the "Menu Editor" and not the "Style Editor". Then you have to choose each item you want to have this behavior, click on the "All Values" button and define its "Type" property as shown above.

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