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Initial Email Subject: Populating menu through UL/LI items
Support Case Month: March 2012

I am unable to get the menu to display at all using the CSS Menu/populating menu using UL/LI option.  Menu compiles and works fine using default menu structure.  I want the menu to be able to be used/viewed on smart phone but I am getting an error message.

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The problem is that you are using a UL/LI list generated from a JavaScript Menu to populate a CSS Menu.

Specifically there are two things that cause a problem:

1) The UL/LI has “display: none;”. As such the menu will never show.

2) Item 2.1 does not have a link, and all items are required to have a link (even if empty).

Both of these have also been fixed on our side and the fixes will be included in the next AllWebMenus release (in a couple of days). Until then, you can simply fix these two things in your menu structure if you want to see the CSS.

Example of fixed UL/LI code:

                                <ul id="awmULLI-menu">

                                                <li><a href="index.html">Home</a></li>

                                                <li><a href="item1.html">Item 1</a></li>

                                                <li><a href="item2.html">Item 2</a>


                                                     <li><a href="#">Item 2.1</a>


                                                         <li><a href="item_211.html">Item 2.1.1</a></li>

                                                         <li><a href="item_212.html">Item 2.1.2</a></li>

                                                         <li><a href="item_213.html">Item 2.1.3</a></li>

                                                         <li><a href="item_214.html">Item 2.1.4</a></li>



                                                     <li><a href="item_22.html">Item 2.2</a>




                                                <li><a href="item3.html">Item 3</a>



Likno Customer Support
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We have added new SEO CSS Menu examples in our Examples Page (

You can specify your menu structure (menu items) either inside AllWebMenus (gets compiled to the javascript file) or inside your pages using HTML UL/LI tags (on-the-fly). These examples use the 2nd option.

When the 2nd option is used, the search engines can crawl your menu structure on any page where your menu is shown. Another characteristic is that you can use a different menu structure on different pages. Since the menu is built "on-the-fly", based on UL/LI tags inside your pages' HTML code, you can have different tags (menu items) on different pages.

Take a look at the following example:

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