These are the new features and fixes introduced in version 5.1.748 of AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker (released on September 8, 2008):

- Support for Google Chrome BETA browser is now added. Read more...

- Added the feature, which specifies whether an Item whose property matches the URL of the loaded web page will be highlighted by default. Read more...

- An asterisk (*) is now added next to filename on the Titlebar when changes to the project have been made.

- Fixed a Firefox issue with menus using the "Menu Floats on Scroll" feature. In some cases the menu did not appear on the page.

- Fixed an issue with item margins occurring on Netscape only (old browser).

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As you might already know, Google has released its new browser under the name “Chrome”.

Keeping our promise to you in maintaining our software’s cross-browser functionality at its best, version 5.1.748 (or above) of our AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker includes fixes that deal with many of the issues initially existed with the Google’s new “Chrome” browser.

Please download the latest version from (or from your Likno User Area account), install it, recompile your menus and upload to your server the updated menu file AND the –also updated- awmdata folder that contains the libraries – and includes the fix.

We are continuously testing the AllWebMenus application with all updates of Chrome.

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These are the new features and fixes introduced in version 5.1.740 (released on June 23, 2008):

- The <Type> property has more options; view the related blog post HERE.

type property horizontaltype property vertical

- New "Advanced Floating Menu Add-In" released, allowing for more customization (such as floating behavior within specific sections of the page) and interesting navigation cases within the page. Detailed information can be found HERE.

floating menu

- Fixed a problem where Separator did not appear correctly in Safari 3.1

- Fixed an uncommon case where Fixed a bug where the <Link> property did not update correctly when changing the Web Site Root folder and the <Link> property was actually an anchor in the same page.

- Minor Fixes in Menus of all AddIns. New option for purchase has been added for all of them.

- Fixed a problem where the menu is not "Dirty" if it had been exported before.

- The Preview Pane can now be refreshed using F5.

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