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Initial Email Subject: Web Tab Builder z-index
Support Case Month: July 2012

when I insert a webtab with PDF inside an html page, it covers all the drop down menus which were not build in allwebmenus program. How do I change the settings so the webtab with PDF goes behind everything. I know I can change z-index on allwebmenus settings, but how do i change it with webtab builder? or how do i get around this issue?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


I am afraid that what you are asking for is not possible. The reason is that the PDF files are using a special Adobe PDF plugin to show in the browser, and this plugin fully takes over the specific browser part and always appears on top.

This is not related to our programs, nor can it be resolved using AllWebMenus or any other application. If you simply add an iFrame in your page with its src pointing to a pdf file you can test this for yourself. The same applies for Word or Excel documents (and others) that use similar plugins to display within a browser.

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