- New Sliding Menu Add-in version (v1.0.3): Added support for also opening sliding submenus on "mouse over" of parent item (not only on "mouse click").

Sliding Menu

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Added an option to ignore the property of parent items of sliding submenus when clicking on them so that the submenus open instead of loading a page. However, if you wish you may achieve both effects by unchecking this option while having the "Remember the menu state" option checked.

- 1 new Sliding Menu Theme Pack available in Theme Gallery.

Siliding Menu ThemePack

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue where a sliding submenu did not reposition itself when the user resized the browser window.

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue where a sliding submenu did not unfold properly when a reposition of the main menu occurred.

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue on Opera only where the Background Image was not properly positioned.

- New versions of Server-Side Menus API Add-in (2.0.13), Joomla Add-in (1.1.5), WordPress Add-in (1.0.8) released, to include the above features.

- Improved the Joomla Component (v1.1.5) in order to avoid error messages when the zip file could not unpack.

- Fixed an issue with the IE8 library, which now makes the menus appear much faster than the previous library did.

- Fixed an issue on Opera browser with the size of items and groups, when a "Has Submenu" image exists.

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These are the new features and fixes introduced in version 5.1.750 of AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker (released on September 25, 2008):

- Support for the IE8 BETA2 browser now added. Read more...

- More shortcuts now available for the text-related properties (such as the "Item Text" property) that provide faster access to certain actions: Enter, Ctrl+Enter, Shift+Enter. Read more...

text shortcuts

text shortcuts

- Added improvements on the interface, especially for the “Assigned Style” property.

- The "File -> Export Project" functionality now provides an option to open the folder where the menu has been exported (for immediate access to the exported project files).

- Fixed a Mozilla-based issue for menus that contain one or more spaces on their filenames (not a good web practice anyway).

- Fixed a Mozilla-based issue for menus that use the vertical scrollbar feature. The group was appearing wider every time the vertical scrollbar appeared.

- Fixed a Mozilla-based issue for menus using centered images on their items (for special cases only).

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